Absence Notices
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Absence Claims

Are you going on vacation, or do you just need some time away from the site? Please do us a huge favor and tell us when you'll be away and approximately how long you'll be gone. 

OOC Name:
Character Names:
Absence Length:

Absent Members & Characters

  • OOC Name: Eclair
    Character Name: Juryoku
    Abscence Length: Start to end of July - 1 month

    Taking a break from here for other things! May or may not get to posts during my disappearance. I receive e-mail notifications when I get PMs or replies so, anyone is able to contact me if need be! <3

  • OOC Name: Angies
    Character Names: Aries
    Absence Length: Unknown. We are selling the house and moving.

  • OOC Name: Lumi
    Character Names: Virsisé, Quarion
    Absence Length: Indefinite. Dealing with some writer's block so going to give myself some time to refresh.

  • OOC Name: Tasha
    Character Names: Royal Phoenix, Fesashka
    Absence Length: A MONTH MAYBE? ONLY WITH POSTS THOUGH. I WILL STILL BE ACTIVE AS AN ADMIN. Soooo holy shit, I have no muse lately, but it's because I'm much, much busier than I used to be suddenly. I am so desperate for money I am taking a huge influx of art orders to help build back up our savings account, and so I'll be immensely busy with that for the next month.

    Likewise, I am also working with one of my good friends and longtime rp partner Tobii on coding the brand new layout for Xalypsis, and trust me when I say that this new skin is going to possible make the place boom. It's new, sleek, more minimalist while still keeping that enriched fantasy sci fi feeling we all love so much, and I honestly can't wait for you guys to see it. It's in the last stages of development so I don't plan on keeping you all waiting for long!

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    a speck of dust inside a giant's eye

    UPDATED 9.13.2017

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    OOC Name: Okie 
    Character Names:  Poltergeist & Morgäna
    Start Date: 11.15.17
    Return Date: 11.25.17 
    Why: It's moreso me being scarce that 100% absent, I'm working the next 10 days, though I am off on Thanksgiving but I get the feeling its going to be a little quiet that day since everyone is either sleeping from the turkey or visiting fam. But I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for this work week and not psych myself out which I am failing at miserably LOL

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    He Spoke to Me in Madness and I understood His Reason

    OOC:: Lashes
    Characters:: Jackal, Cifthar
    Start date:: November 15th
    End date :: November 21st
    Reason:: catching up on commissions cause I can't afford life rn. Is only a scarcity, cause I have to stalk this place to live, just wrapped up in art rn cause government -shakes fist at-

    Jackal possesses the Unicorn's Tear. He is able to heal any wound but his own.

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