{Update} Beta Test Feedback
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We are currently interested in what current feedback all you lovely beta testers out there have to offer us so far. I hope this place suits the fancy of many, and we can't wait to see what this place has the potential to grow into. 

Please feel free to make suggestions on how to make the place more user friendly and easy to navigate, improving the guidebook such as making certain elements more concise where they're not, and just ways to enrich this environment so that we're nice and beefed up for an official opening sometime soonish maybe. 

To report technical issues, please post here: Report Site Bugs

Happy reporting, and thank you so much for all your support. 

A QUICK REMINDER: Character accounts registered and not filled out within two weeks are supposed to be deleted to keep the site more clean. Please finish and post your characters in the creation board by 3/25/2017. Thank you!

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It's difficult for me to think of what could be real, useful feedback for the site but here goes.

Just as a note, I think the setting, lore, etc is great. The descriptions are short and sweet- beautifully written and for the most part, everything you need to know. I can't really think of any questions I have personally but other people might want some more details- I personally prefer things being left open so, yanno. Might just be a matter of taste. Plus, being able to simply ask is probably better off than cluttering a guidebook with tons of info. 

Also I haven't really spoken to any of you at length but y'all, mods, creators, all seem really cool and talented. Is that feedback? Sure, why not.

I think the only thing I would want to see in the future if the user base expanded enough would be more forums. More sub-forums, main forums, whichever. There's plenty to explore with a small amount of characters, and I'm not sure if this is already in the plans, but if more players and characters join I feel like it's a little small for any real expansion. Which may be the point, if you're more interested in character growth than world (such as creating player controlled territories, etc- not sure if that's what you want or not). This is just my take on it though, since I'm not sure if people prefer smaller games currently- plus the setting is focused on an island, so that might not really be possible.

Uhhh. That's all I can come up with right now and I'm not sure if it's really useful, just know that I think this site looks really amazing and promising! I hope lots more people join and play in the future.

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:) Thank you!  Your feedback was very helpful, and great food for thought.

We actually do have some sekrit awesome plans in stoew to allow growth in character and environment settings.  Sooo if you have any suggestions that you think would be cool, feel free to shoot Tasha or I a pm!

I have no idea if we're supposed to respond or not, but I wanted to, so here we are.  Thank you again, I know it may not have felt very helpful, but definitely was great to have additional perspective view on this lovely lady of a site we have.



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