T'was but another fable
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Oh so giving: he feeds both the good wolf and the bad.

Perpetually, it seemed, he was plagued with weakness. Quivering limbs; empty brain. Eyes heavy, bones heavier. Lost; terribly so. The land was foreign in his dark eyes. Had he been there before? He wouldn't know. If he had, the memory was gone. Buried so deep within his cavernous mind that he would have to search until the end of his time to find it.

No. This was new. It must be. Insanity could not be quite so strong. So nestled into his grey cells that even he could not recognise its intrusion.

Weighed down by the alabaster minerals, Aesop trudged through the pearlescent sands. His own ivory hide was darkened, saturated from a swim he could not remember. So handsome at his best. When his mind was clear and heart was weightless. Now, he was reduced to a soggy waste-away. Lacking of a purpose. Motivation.

Two dimensional, forward and backward. Numbly, he marched forward. Where he saw life: green. Until he stumbled. Nose hitting the sand. Aesop snorted. There he was, on his knees. Kneeling. Staring at the ground. Remarkable, how his milk-white form could just blend in. He could lie there. Invisible. Picked at by scavengers until the end finally came. His lip trembled. On the verge of weeping and doing just that. But he was too much of a coward.

Aesop rose shakily.

He continued.

Pressing on to a destination he knew naught where.

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Confusion knit his brow. Sand spun around his hooves, gales brushing his coat from the south.  Warm and humid.  Rain would bless this parched land in a few more days.   The stallion intended on witnessing the event.  A force of nature to clear his mind.  Humble him. Guide him.  

Cif struggled to recall the entire event.   He comprehended the metamorphisis to a degree.  Yet its enormity was difficult to embrace at once. Saturated into his soul, like water into bedrock.  His fever and the aid of Loki was a breath away from vanishing.  A familiar headache rose to embrace his skull.   Cerulean eyes fluttered shut.  Intensity passed as he counted his heart-beat, until the pain was a mild ring in the back of his ears.  

Human.  Cif touched these sands as a human.  Digits, thumbs, sensitive unprotected skin exposed to pummeling sun.  When rational resumed, fear and will returned the Equus to his natural state.

Exploration and duration revealed the strength of the magick on this Island.  Could it be powerful enough to affect him to such an extreme degree?  Why? Cif tossed his mane and stamped once on soft sand. 

Motion stole his attention.  A breathless moment passed as Cif struggled to seperate the creature he was certain he saw against the dunes.  There.  Yes. An Equus rose to their legs. ..the next oasis..  Not a terrible distance, but if they were stumbling already, who knew if they would make it.  The stallion kicked up sand and whinnied, announcing his presence as he trekked to them.  

"I am a friend.  Water is not far.  Follow me."  Cif'thar's voice traveled on a gale of his own making.  Reaching a dune valley, he turned one eighty and begun a slow walk towards the pale scent of receeding vegetation.


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Oh so giving: he feeds both the good wolf and the bad.

A moment slow to acknowledge the sound of a stranger. His ear had twisted in its direction, but his brain was sluggish. When that moment passed, his muscles tensed and he was thrown into sudden alertness. The whites of his eyes glimmered, ears laid across his skull, tail tucked.

It took another moment to realise the absurdity of his reaction. Aesop's panicked reflexes went lax. However, he was suspicious of the individual. Paranoid, unfortunately. Better to assume and prepare for the worst, he believed.

One of his own species. "... a friend." Did he normally throw the word around so casually? Expect others to believe it to be true.


He swallowed. His throat was dry. Despite his damp coat.

Aesop remained mute. Unsure of what to say or if he even had the cords to play his voice. They felt rusted.

The stranger did not waste time in waiting for a response that he would not have been given. A shaky step was taken before a steadier gait was adopted as the fellow Equus turned around. Leading the way, presumably. To water, he hoped. What if his intent was malicious? Better to be slain than waste away.


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A wound; a mouth to their soul and bliss therein mine.

Her tongue softly lapped at the petite stream below, its rushing waters somehow a song in her ears. She had never truly listened to the sound of water, never cherished the reverberation of its timeless, precious existence. Fesashka gorged herself on the creek, coming to find how very easy it was to become dehydrated in this strange, eldritch environment. And yet, whilst desolateness was common upon this island, so was nourishment at nearly every turn. It was an odd balance; the scales would touch either side of the threshold, wherein one side represented safety and the other pure chaos, and she would forever remain vigilant, and wary, of what trials the isle held for her. 

In the distance, the brush would part with a small beaten path leading to the shoreline, and reveal the chocolaty, inky complexion of Cif'thar, the first male who shared her species that she had encountered in Eshteth. With him however, was the starkly contrasted alabaster of another heavily scented male, this one was however beaten down on the inside and out from his tremulous swim to the island. His self confidence, and vigor, seemed sapped and tortured, to a point where he could only blindly follow a stranger to get what he needed. It was a rather cold, and frigid snap judgment for her to make about him, but she held no bitterness to it as she processed the thought. Merely a boy perhaps, exiled from his childhood home, with a plethora of new challenges to face that would graciously distract him from a past life of pain. 

"Another?" Fesashka's voice sounded as she regarded Cif'thar, her stare eventually guiding itself to appraise his newly garnered companion. "This island's might is surely something else indeed."

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It was a gambit.  A risk. The stallion was not so concerned with physical danger, as the one who followed seemed to weary to battle the sun much longer.  Yet there were not many Equus Cif'thar had found on this Island, despite the growing populace.  He was almost certain Halavine was either gone, or purposefully tracking and hiding from him.  He could not bring himself to try and leave the Isiand without knowing what happened to her.  Though I question if I could even ever leave,.. It was an ominous suspicion.  

Cif'thar didn't want to scare off any of his kind.  He did not wish to impose a friendshipupon a stallion he did not knoew;he did not want to be defined as an enemy to a stranger.

These thoughts were a blessed distraction from the conundrum he'd pondered for the past three sunfalls.  

"Another?"  Consumed by his scenerios, he did not realize Fesashka stood paces away, watching with water dripping back to the pathetic pool maintaining this diminished oasis.  Cif'thar blinked his surprise, but dippped his head in greeting.  "This island's might is surely something else indeed."  Stallion noted her comment, intending on delving further into 'this island's might' once the three of them were settled. 

Whenthe stallion caught up, Cif was already at a comfortable distance between the two of them, so each could enjoy their sphere of space.  "I am Cif'thar. Nomad here."

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