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Oh so giving: he feeds both the good wolf and the bad.

Player: Euphrasie

Character's Full Name: Aesop

Species: Equus

Biped Syndrome? Y

Roleplay Sample: 368 words

Flanks heaved. Lungs working for breath. Sealed eyelids twitched, eyeballs rolled within. Moans and groans quivered in the air. Muscles flexed and tightened, legs kicked and curled.
A nightmare.
Not the first. They plagued his mind. He was helpless to stop them. The land of the living was a distant memory. An alternate plane. A dimension he had been exiled from.
A boy, in the body of a man. Crying. Trapped. Forced into expectations that he was hiding from. Head in his hands. Greasy tussles of mousy locks covered his sweat and dirt-stained face. Chiselled cheeks streaked with tears, both old and new. Gasping for air. There was a pain in his chest.
He could feel it, too. Twinned souls. Only one could see the other.
Slender fingers knotted into his hair. Chipped nails scratched his scalp. A couple of strands were ripped free. Hanging on to the other dead cells. Hiding behind long, bent legs. Toes twisted into the cold floor. He sniffled, swallowed, braced himself. Inhaled. Rubbed his the once soft, now begrimed skin of his face. A final whimper before dark, red eyes opened. A door swung. He cried and recoiled.
A jolt seized through his body. Eyes widened. Sub-consciousness took control over his body. He was on his hooves. Fleeing. His eyes had yet to truly function. Hearing came before sight did. The world looked alien. Was he even home? Did he even have a home? What was “home”? A meaningless word.
The Equus was a hermit. Nomadic. Always moving. Pulled by an unknown force. Searching for something he knew naught of. Answers? To what questions?
Just keep moving.
Keep going. To… somewhere. Until, what? Peace?
Galloping limbs began to decelerate. Slower and slower. Until they reached a shaky, exhausted stroll. Head low, mane and tail dragging. Loud breaths. Panting.
Peace was but a figment of imagination. A dream. It was not real. Just like hope. Hope was a blindness. A useless coping mechanism. Wasteful of one’s time.
One more exhale. A slow blink. But not too slow. To the best of his ability, he would not sleep. Only bad things happened when he did.
If only he could rid himself of sleep forever.

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Borne to bear and bring to All the Details of Our Ending. To write it down for all the world to See. But: I forgot my pen.

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