Corridor of Cells
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all that was, is, and will ever be.

We swell with the pleasurable ache

that telltale yen therein our bones in mortal form
of the earth, too, swelling, her energy rising up
from the core of our own, two entities
and one binding, utterly unifying 
wavelength of energy that 
makes us no different than she.

We are one.

From our energy hers is birthed
and vice versa. 

This land we have nurtured
for so many eons now yearns for
the new blood sifting with vague
ambitions across the expanse
of her dangerous hide.

How she implores them
to use her, to take her very soil
and push the limits of creation
with the minerals therein. 

Take her, plow her, nurture her.

And if they would be so bold as to
try and destroy her, she would not go quietly. 

'Tis a magnificent contract of sorts, 
the give and take of nature and
sentient creature. 

The sound of water surrounds us 
ever still, and sheltered beneath
a private bush we lay, lulled
by each trickle and drop that flows
from the lifeblood of our marrow.

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Eastern Wind

Roaring white noise provided comfort and haze. 
 Support.  A lullaby.
His heart, what conscious revelations that filtered through his Sielnce, ached for a wind storm.
The fury that stole breath.  Created awe.
Dwindled him down to the minsicule being he was.


These falls surrounded him in an alabaster mist, and he was blessed with their collective symphony.
Gave him consistency
To explore the silent spaces between.


Silence was an embrace.  A peace that detaches his spirit from his physical boundaries.  
Knees folded, body at rest upon wet stone and blanketed moss.  
Cif inhaled moisture and vegetation.  Particles of stone and dust, skin and pelt, water and air. Fundamentals of life rippled through his conscious, fusing him with the earth that supported him.


Enamored, he'd become with this Isle.  Aspets of his discipline were questioned: his search for Tort; his honest desire of returning to Salaghn.  Other elements of himself found more purpose, an ease he'd never experience.


This was what he wished to pursue.  What his deviant errand to a secluded and holy island uncovered in him.
The birth of an aspiration, wholey his, without concern or duty to the shaman herd.
A life of his own.
What may it be?
Was this what Halavine ran for, all these years?





OOC: 'Om' is the chant of the base chakra, and his current focus



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