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He Spoke to Me in Madness and I understood His Reason

the nexus of sensation

Jackal had not felt such misery in his body since the early days of his escape.  Most of his healing he barely recalled.  A brief flash of his savage instruction to Imara to retain his scars echoed in his head.  Monthsof rest.  Of changing location so the searching Vagabond would not repeat the atrocities already done.  Hidden in tunnels along a cliff edge with monks willing to assist in silence and health.   Blind-man listened to her struggles.  Her body was rigid, her vice grip using her hold on him to anchor herself to reality. Breath struggled to inflate lungs, muscles too tense to allow progress.

I - ah. Her breathless alto shivered.  
Hush..  He pried his ankle away, and reached to place a hand on her shoulder.  

He could not.  Agony vibrated in his core. Instead he landed on his forearms beside her with another unhinged laugh.  Rest.  He chuckled.  Jackal rolled to the left and collapsed into moss and rich soil.  Moisture, spore, and plush dirt cradled him with a lullaby to his senses.  Nerves sang in a harmony of elation and misery.  His mad smile did not cease, despite intensifying concern for her condition.

After a moment of gathering shreds of his strength, he focused his efforts into his left arm.  Reaching for his scalp, he unfastened a crude brass broach from the top of a dread, hidden from sight underneath the rest of his layered chaos.   Groaning, he placed his Unicorn Tear on her chest.   Leave it. He moaned, and fell back with a sigh.  He was not certain how much the amethyst would ease her ails, having never experienced the stone's power himself, but it would be significantly better for her than she was managing on her own.  And as longa s he claimed the stone, it would retain it's potency.

Silence.  Vertigo.  Energy.  Humour.  Memory.   As a Guide...we obtain a path; our Diamond...route connecting all..four points of the compass....
This path - you become intimate...Master and develop.  Terrain.  
Kingdoms.  Towns.  Sects.  Organizations.  
Connections. Bargains.  Promises, favours.  
While I was in SUR..the n'Pareils dismantled my Diamond.
I could not traverse
the roads and paths I knew,
Or step within a province 
without confronting the stance of my relationship
against the weight of my crimes.
As if I'd gone blind.

This was many years ago, lifetimes before, the same destiny born with the respawn of his existence.  His flesh vibrated. Voice faded, exhaustion retreating his recollection back to black.  He did not sleep, but settled into a meditative observance of surroundings and his placement within.

Jackal * Thoughts * ----

Jackal is using Unicorn's Tear to help Ysabeaux heal the physical reprocussions of their endevour.

OOC: not the gift I was talking about lol, but remembered this existed and was like hey, right, useful thing he collected there.


Jackal possesses the Unicorn's Tear. He is able to heal any wound but his own.
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Travel I, in dreams, when the material world should weigh me down I fly, unburdened by the suffocating chains of reality.

Her mind kept slipping, something akin to an image coming in and out of focus but on another plane entirely. When Jackal tried to disengage her grip her fingers at first tightened, irrationally, and curled like claws when he finally slipped her hold. A spasm wracked her body and she curled in on herself, on her side, muscles cramping and she bit the inside of her cheek to keep her silence. Jackal’s voice echoed oddly in her ears, and even the monosyllabic instructions were barely comprehensible. Hush. Rest.

Inch by inch she forced herself to relax, ratcheting her spine to straighten one vertebrae at a time, twisting her shoulders to lay flat on her back and stare upward at the shimmering tree canopy with mismatched eyes whose pupils were dilated to pinpricks. A shadow moved, the glint of metal against the sun and all her work was destroyed as she flinched, barely stopping herself from batting Jackal’s hand away as he laid something against her skin.

The gem resting just above her heart sent a numbing flood radiating outward towards her extremities, doing more in a moment to calm the dangerous seizing of her body than any mental exercise she had managed to cobble together. Her sigh of relief echoed Jackal’s moan and she lifted a shaky hand, not to move the gem but to cover her eyes, breathing deeply as the stone’s power worked. Her palm tingled as the sliced skin knit itself back together, and the ringing echo in her ears faded enough that when next he spoke, Ysabeaux could hear the Vagabond clearly. He did not seem like he was speaking directly to her, but perhaps her benefit was one of a number of reasons his thoughts became words. She turned only her head to watch him. She didn’t totally understand, but filed the information away in the same mental box that contained the riot of memories she had experienced, and locked it tightly away--one of the things she had learned to prevent others’ nightmares from invading her own unless she specifically invited it. Her mind was full of these lockboxes, long hallways lined with towers of vaults in a twisting labyrinth, and perhaps it contributed to her own unique brand of madness. Perhaps that madness was what drew her to the blind wolf’s own.

Those musings hinted that the stone had done its work. Hesitantly Ysabeaux raised her head, and the world remained stable. She sat the rest of the way up, catching the brooch as it fell, and studied it. The gold was lukewarm against her palm, the amethyst gem embedded in it looking plain, if pretty. She felt...well. Tired, but not on the edge of physical or mental collapse. Hungry again. She looked longingly at the mangled remains of the rabbit she had offered to her traveling companion, and sighed. She did not have the energy to hunt again. Glancing at Jackal, lying stretched out beside her, she didn’t know if he was awake or asleep, but she touched his wrist with her free hand before pressing the healing device into his hand with a murmured, “Thank you,” before rising. She didn’t wobble.

This time she did as Jackal had first suggested, scavenging the nearby flora for edible bits suited to their bipedal forms. She returned to the spot where Jackal lay twice with handfuls of nuts, berries, and a few firm-skinned, yellowish oblong fruit that she couldn’t identify. The third time she sat back down, feeling exhaustion tug at her though the physical tasks she had just performed should not have bothered her, and sorted her findings into two equal piles. Her stomach growled, and she picked up one of the shelled nuts she had discovered only by chance, and cracked the outer casing between her fingers to reveal the meaty, oily seed within. She ate with quick precision and then reached for a handful of multi-faceted scarlet berries, careful to avoid the thorns on the stems where the berries grew. “What is it,” she said at last, “You seek to do here?” she avoided apologizing for forcing him to relive his own haunted past, for that would have invalidated her very asking, even if some dark part of her was sorry that she had done so in the first place--but selfish was her reason, because it had marked her in its own way. She shivered, though it was not cold. 



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