'The Influx' {Site Wide Plot I}
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The Festival of Pyre

A mighty, gorging mouth opens at the heart of Eshteth, a mouth unseen midst the divine glare of blinding, unyielding brilliance. The land is enriched, and everything is in bloom, for all are free to feed upon the influx of magic during the precious seasonal Solstice of Pyre. 

It is the rare event of Essence releasing their hold upon the brimming river of life therein the island's very soil, and unto any it flows, searching for a gracious host. All who currently undergo Biped Syndrome will find their pains lessened, their abilities more acute and easily mastered. 

A being's power will also be amplified, their strengths of both physical and magical properties seemingly far beyond their knowledge. It is a time of grand bestowal, a time of boundless growth, a time of giving and also of taking. Eshteth extends its gracious hand guided by consciousness that of Essence, beseeching thee to rise, and take what is yours. 

An astral call sent to all, each translated differently by every individual, yet the overall message remains the same: Who are you, in this vast Cosmos? Who are you, to deserve your gifts? Who are you, to Essence? And who is Essence to you?

All characters who have received this dream are impressed to express their internal feelings over Essence: whatever emotions they may be. By intuition or instinct, they embark to Essence's territory, unaware they are not the only ones seeking to express themselves to the Deity of Eshteth. 

Nestled betwixt The Temple and The Chasm is an expansive and majestic plot of land. It is a grand, panoramic thicket that last for several kilometers and it is nearly enveloped and privatized by the most lush part of the jungle. Adorning the surface of the ground are large and deep reflective pools whose natural springs keep the water unusually pure and free of bacteria. It is an impressive scene to behold, and yet it has stayed untouched for so many generations. It is here that all Canis and Equus will gather, goaded by instinct and intuition alone, to face one another and consider their next course of action. Expect some conflict with this gathering, for the lines of discrimination can carve just as deeply as the changing times. 

The Festival of Pyre will take place in the Forest of Nalacera, wherein the 'great mouth of light and life' has initially opened. This Festival was once a tradition in the days of old, when Canis and Equus would celebrate the solstice together and compare culture, literature, music, spirituality, and exchanges/displays of magic. A lot of time has passed since the two species were on cordial terms, so all who gather for it now will be goaded to visit what more primal relics exist upon the island. The legend has it that if both species gather, Essence will appear and speak to the group, imparting an equal sum of wisdom to both.

A consensual desire to use this influx of power bestowed to their gifts and abilities, some Canis and Equus will feel compelled to devise a structure to honor Essence. Designed to be a grand feat of physical, mental, and magical endurance, the structure of refined minerals and tall, epic poise and stature will be seen as physical proof of an individuals willingness to weather whatever strife crosses their path. It will stand as a testament of the continuity of a character's personal pursuits and evolution under Essence's guidance.

  • Aftermath - The forest will become a brand new addition to our location boards, and those who participated in the festival or creating the monolith will have their magic skill raised a level and be given 5 free shop items.

  • Word of Mouth - Characters are free to participate and influence this event all on their own volition and choice. Characters who participate ICly in spreading the word about The Influx will also have their magic skill raised a level and 5 free shop items.

  • New Members - New members who join with characters who shift into humans during this event will receive a pass on Biped Syndrome posts, as in they will already be able to master it.

  • Event Duration - The duration of this plot will be loose and boundary free. Since Xalypsis is such a chill, calming, and partially slow site to suit the needs of its members with busy lives we're estimating this event be available to participate in for five months at most. Be sure to come to expect a shift in plot in late November.

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