Age: IV Wolf | XXV BipedSpecies: Canine
Gender: FemaleSpiritual Rank: Conceiver
Posts: 22 Stones: 152❂ Played by: Ally
Travel I, in dreams, when the material world should weigh me down I fly, unburdened by the suffocating chains of reality.


Character's Full Name:
Ysabeaux Santhos


Biped Syndrome? Y

Age: 28Species: Humanesque
Gender: Spiritual Rank: Soothsayer
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a speck of dust inside a giant's eye

Welcome to Xalypsis!

A vastly constructed fortress is your mind, the moats deep and the waters surging. What layers yearn to be picked apart within the confines of your psyche, what particles must be vanquished before your real quest may begin. Is there enough brawn within, at least, to withstand the uniquely harsh nature of Eshteth? There is no question in your intelligence, or the lengths you go therein desperation. Will you stand, with only your strength, atop the peak of the fallen?


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