Staff Auditions 7/17
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Hello again Xalypsis dwellers! We are once again in great need of staff members in order to keep this lovely community thriving and healthy. I know the list below might seem overwhelming however we do not expect these tasks to be kept up every single day to a T at all. 

Below are just guidelines to give everyone an idea about what sorts of resources we want people to add. 

We are currently looking for a Moderator, either full time or part time. But if you'd like to audition for an admin position as well feel free to apply!

Want to apply for a staff position?

Here is a quick mockup of needed staff's responsibilities:

Staff Chore List
A D M I N S (Daily or Every Other Day)
1.) Check the character creation forum and briefly look over profiles
2.) Remove spam (instructions on how to remove spam h e r e (click)
3.) Interact in the Cbox
4.) Report bugs and graphic issues
5.) Skim the forums and make sure people are following IC and OOC rules
6.) Important: Accept all satisfactory new characters within 2 days of it's appearance, and privately message all unsatisfactory profiles with instructions on how to improve (and remember, always be polite and gracious with your honesty)

M O D E R A T O R S (Daily or Every Other Day)
1.) Report suspicious behavior
2.) Work extra hard at keeping the peace between staff, members, and guests alike
3.) Important: Be especially active In-character, and set a paragon example of how awesome and fun it isto be a part of this place
4.) Also super duper important; I am placing a great deal more stock in who I hire as moderators. They need to be the social peacekeepers and soldiers of warm and fuzzy. Morale boosters, friends to all; I'm going to rely heavily on you to keep a level head in almost all situations if you want this particular staffing job.

Please fill out the form below and post it within this thread beneath it. 

Staff Positions Available
1. Full Time Admin
2.) Part Time Moderator
3.) Social Media Moderator (we can talk about this one, it's still experimental)


Position Desired:

Past Site Experience:

Do I know you personally?

How good are you at controlling your temper?

How would you handle any form of rudeness in the chatbox?

Describe how you would greet a new guest:

How actively online are you per week (Hours)?

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Name: Okie

Position Desired: Either 

Past Site Experience: I've modded here and there and then I had run my own site way back when that lasted roughly three years??

Do I know you personally? YES ONLY FOR LIKE A MILLION YEARS jk. But yes lol <3 

How good are you at controlling your temper? It's a work in progress but overall, yes. 

How would you handle any form of rudeness in the chatbox? I generally don't tolerate rude behavior and send out a verbal warning. If it continues, I throw down the ban hammer

Describe how you would greet a new guest: WITH WARM FRESHLY BAKED BROWNIES. 

How actively online are you per week (Hours)? I'm pretty much online all the time unless I'm at work. 

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Name: Isilzheha 

Position Desired: Moderator

Past Site Experience: WHERE TO START after I met Tempy, Lexx, and Crys on Ashes, Sordid Secrets was born when that site finally died. I was an administrator then during the creation and was onboard for at least a solid three years. I've been off and on then, and went over to Myth and Ghostflowers to admin on there. I've also attempting making sites of my own, though they never really took off. I've been around LOL 

Do I know you personally? Oooooh yeah c;

How good are you at controlling your temper? A helluva lot better than I used to be, for anyone who knew me then both IRL and OOC. 

How would you handle any form of rudeness in the chatbox? Quick, concise, and as respectable as possible. I have zero tolerance for those shenanigans in the real world and definitely don't desire to encounter it when I'm trying to relax, hang out with people and get some writing done. I believe in second chances but it certainly wouldn't be the same as the first one. Should anyone go against it or repeat the same action that got them reprimanded they would be written off completely. At least that's how I function on a personal basis. 

Describe how you would greet a new guest: HI WELCOME TO XALYPSIS HOME OF THE GOOD BURGER how may I take your order?

How actively online are you per week (Hours)? Honestly depends on what's going on in my week. My work schedule depends on the severity of bad weather, otherwise I work second shift the majority of the week. Sometimes I bring my laptop to work when it's slow and get on for a bit, or I have my phone I also will do things on given a moment in time even if I'm not on my desktop. I average 6-8 hours a week when I'm not slammed with work and about 5-6 when I am. Like I said, it all just depends on what's going on in the world and with my personal life, but I try to make it a point to get on when I have downtime.


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