Xalypsis Tumblr Page?
Discussion and opinions needed
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Hey guys, so I've been thinking about what other sorts of stuff to do with the place while our little community continues to grow slowly but surely. I really want to eventually branch Xal into other forms of social media, maybe even a tumblr or facebook page, though I'm very partial to Tumblr because they're far more customizable and diverse. 

If you have any other suggestions on how to bring our visions of this place across further planes, please speak up! I, and we, would love to hear what you have to say. 

Is this something we should do when we have far more people contributing to the site in general? Is this something we should just jump right into now and make updates here and there very gradually to get it started?

Lemme know, I'm very curious. <333333

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Bumping this because 1. The instagram roleplay community might get into this, if we make an IG account, so there's that and, 2. A Tumblr page is good for advertising. I'm not sure why I never saw this before, but I think it should be a thing to consider especially in the new year with the new skin and rise in activity and whathaveyous'.

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let all become cinders.

I think that could be a really cool idea! If only for advertisement, inspiration stuff, etc. 

As for when I'm not sure, especially since I'm personally still more or less on hiatus. If not now, I think soon would be good.


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