Guidebook: Introduction

Such heavy truths upon which you creep...

Sapience; the sentient knowledge of existential self, the precious seed of evolution bestowing such unto a gene pool worthy of its spiritual gifts, and nihilistic crises. The lines between year and millennium have dithered, for without the forbearance of time with which to impart order, the world would forever shift, forever unfurl, as the planet and the creatures in its midst face eons of untouched, immaculate wilderness; meticulous chaos!

When the bipeds could no longer be spoken of, the exquisite cycle perpetuated, bringing forth the succeeding beings exemplary in their spirits and instincts alike. It was the equines, and the canines, who followed humanity as the next species worthy enough to carry the providential gene of awareness beyond the mere five senses.

But the past has shown that existentialism can come at a terrible price; and so birthed is more conflict, for chaos is as naturally raw as concordance. Midst the throes of cultural infringement, the seeds of a war ready to bloodily bloom, an elusive and compelling deity, and a land wrought with ironic spiritual revelation, there is much to undergo in this fertile tale of scientific fantasma.

For what is a god but a highly evolved mortal, and what is magic but highly evolved science?