Oh so giving: he feeds both the good wolf and the bad.
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Age: Horse IV · Biped XVIII
Gender: Male
Species: Equus
Tribal Rank: None
Spiritual (magic) Rank: Conceiver
Biped Syndrome: Yes
Stones ❂: 95.00
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Pale and lanky, the son of the murky depths and a hag's breath. Lean in build, hidden musculature from a quivering rage. Voice is soft and raspy, used rarely. Ugly, worn nails adorn his nimble and lithe fingers. Attractive qualities can be found. He would disagree. His smile beautiful and rare. Dark eyes can twinkle like the stars. Alas, a shadowed veil shields their light. All of his beauty can be found in is Equus form: obsidian at birth, melted into alabaster over time. Ivory tresses descend toward the ground. His steps are as graceful and poised as the seething quarrels within his mind.


Young and conflicted. His mind is at war with his heart. The former tends to win. It tends to be best if it does.

Sensitivity is in his nature. Introversion, reclusion, shyness: defence mechanisms. His passion knows no bounds, but logic and rationale tends to block its raging path. Constantly conflicted. Feeling torn. He has a habit of saying one thing and then doing another. Promises are fickle, white lies are subconscious. Fidgeting and lack of eye contact are just a couple of his quirky, nervous mannerisms.


A mystery. Even to himself. He would not dare to share, anyway.

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