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Age: IV
Gender: Male
Species: Canis
Tribal Rank: Planeswalker
Spiritual (magic) Rank: Conceiver
Biped Syndrome: No
Stones ❂: 142.00
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Firebringer:: Conjurer of light and flame, drawing upon the energy of the sun or, if necessary, his own life force. Darkness is enemy to his magic but also a source of surcease and salvation.

Teleporter:: A strong enough flame can also scorch through barriers, char away the very fabric of reality and, in concentrated form, burn a path into another world. At its weakest it might transport him across distances within the same realm, but at its strongest all the realms of the universe are endless in their possibilities.

Healer:: A gift he has never learned nor explored. Just as fire can burn and destroy, it can also give light and warmth. A hidden ability, one that he will only learn and master if he is willing to accept his other magic--all of it--as a part of the whole.
::Prince of Shadows:: Tricks play upon the mind and eye; sometimes he is black, sometimes so deep a scarlet as to appear black. The reality of the optical illusion is a deep, crimson undercoat and obsidian outer, but color shimmers and dances betwixt the two, especially under bright light. A sunburst mask of molten golden frames eyes of the same brassy hue, stark against the unrelieved darkness of the rest of his body. The only other homage to his lineage are the barest brushes of white upon each foot.

::King Under The Sun:: Built along the most average lines, Loki is of middling height and build for a wolf--slender without being lanky, strong without being heavy, a harmonious blending of his mother’s petite frame and his father’s bulk. Were it not for the crown of gold upon his brow he would be utterly forgettable, at least beneath the forest or the mountain shade. In fact, in worlds where magic has never touched the earth or sky that he has trod upon the golden mask fades to mundane cream, cloaking him in nameless, faceless anonymity until a barrier is once again crossed, and the spark reignites.
::Lone Wolf:: Family begets death. Pack begets destruction. Neither could protect him from the world and he views such personal connections as weakness instead of strength. Despite a damaged mother’s most desperate attempts to not have her son lead the same path as she and tint the world with misanthropic rose, history doomed itself to repeat and Loki has literally nothing left of himself to lose--even shunning his elemental inheritance and resisting the draw of magic.

::Antihero:: Drifting from sunrise to sunrise with no purpose or direction creates a sort of reckless courage that is only born from complete disregard for safety of self--yet, his mother only gave him half his genes and even hers could not achieve perfect apathy. Son of an alpha, the drive to protect inherited from his father is one that he cannot completely ignore. He doesn’t seek to be a hero, tries to convince himself that any time he intervenes there is simply self-interest at play, but delusions only go so far. In his heart there is goodness, even if it is charred and blackened, an ember hidden beneath heaps of white ash.
::Star-Crossed:: His father was Firehawk, the leader of a clan of elemental wolves tied to light and flame. His mother was Rya, a hunter of the same pack and his father’s closest friend and ally. Born of a one-time tryst driven by grief and desperation, Loki’s path was skewed towards chaos from the very moment of conception. Before he was even weaned he was cast into a different world, one without that elemental tie, and as he grew into an age where he would begin to discover those abilities they were absent. His return months later found his world in turmoil, the essence of the wolves’ magic having vanished, and, it seemed, Loki was never to know his legacy of fire.

::Death-Cursed:: Fate not finished twisting him within their endless threads, the half-grown young wolf, already jaded by suffering unknown emptiness, was dealt a second losing hand when both sire and dam lay down their lives in concert, defending he who was unable to defend himself from horrors beyond the grave. Sundered from inheritance both magical and mundane it was a small thing to cut the final ties to the land that gave him life.

::Gypsy: Cast adrift and hardly able to be considered an adult, Loki began to style himself a planeswalker, flitting from world to world, sometimes with assistance and other times stumbling along on his own. Some worlds breathed back into him the spark of magic, others so choked of it that he could hardly remember his own name when he set paw to soil--and those both held sometimes the greatest draw and the strongest urge to escape. The use of his gift, when it was present, was always intuitive, having both his parents’ natural affinities for manipulating magic but none of the desire--the only piece of it that he used with any relish was the ability to cut between worlds, between planes of existence. His latest gypsy wandering has led him to Eshteth, and it is perhaps here that he will be forced to come to terms with his past and his inner self--for here his power is too weak to open barriers and if he wants to regain it enough to leave he must entrench himself deeply enough into the world--and its inhabitants--to master the magic of Essence.

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