Freyja Seidr Fólkvangr
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Age: Humanoid - 18 1/2
Gender: Female
Species: Hybrid / Former Humanoid
Tribal Rank:
Spiritual (magic) Rank: Conceiver
Biped Syndrome: Yes
Stones ❂: 70.00
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~*Sacred Scripts*~ Birthplace – Current residence - Sun Sign - Gemini Moon Sign - Aries Ascendant Sign - Cancer Lineage - Descendant of a Mineral – Ametrine Aroma - An intoxicating rose/lavender, vanilla spice ~* A c c e s s o r i e s *~ Elegant wide-toothed bird wing comb w/strands of silky feathers, lava rock and pearl beads Tribal/Shaman Garnet earrings w/obsidian Druidic Gemstone Scepter w/rune engravings Black leather shoulder sachet Clay/Oil war paint Carved boar tusk Moon Sigil talisman
"She is the core of fire at the center of my being. She is the storm that washes over me in sleep. She is the heart of the dream. She is the lover of my soul. She is darkness unspeakable and light beyond bearing. . . .I am moved into places of resistance that I do not understand and then into the twin-flames of pain and transformation. She does not ask me for my leave. It is as though the world shifts around me and I find I once more face the burning. Yet, She brings an unfathomable beauty into my days. She pours out joy like mead. Peace flows through my heart like water. Her love is a never-failing fountain of strength. I would never willingly be parted from her." - (Idunna #35, p. 38) - ~*Beauty is Eternal*~ A Women forever blessed with dark raven hair accented with sleek strands of and an undying love for the spiritual aspect of life, that which is fueled by her indistinguishable passion and desire to seek out and obtain the knowledge of the Cosmos, said to be written in the Stars and only accessible to those whom have the will to unlock the magical doorway to otherworldly Wisdom~ Freyja's appearance is vastly similar, almost identical, to the untamed, untouched wilds of Eshteth itself. Freyja so happens to possess a piercing gaze as wickedly enchanting as the forestlands that engulf her; nearly opalescent irises of a vibrant, sultry emerald and specks of a crystalline violet, as if an entire nebula resides within each iris~

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