Borne to bear and bring to All the Details of Our Ending. To write it down for all the world to See. But: I forgot my pen.
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Age: 28
Gender: female
Species: Aves
Tribal Rank: Witch Doctor
Spiritual (magic) Rank: Deity
Biped Syndrome: Tattooed Woman
Stones ❂: 1453.70


  • Jackal :: Blind Conceiver Canis

  • Tort :: Mischevious Conceiver Equus

  • Cif'thar :: Tempest Conceiver Equus

  • Jael :: coming soon

  • Edine :: coming eventually
  • Appearance
    coming soon
    Edine Satori Valshi

    Reincarnated Repitition :: Unyeilding Expansion

    Ask me anything at all, I will gladly answer. PM me any concept for a potion, a stone, a plot, for your character or for the site: I will place it in the arena to be discussed. PM one of my characters if you wish to engage them in play and glory, for they all will gladly answer. Come, sit amongst us, and enjoy yourselves.

    It is why we are here.

    Coding © Chip | Art © Lashes


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