Cif'thar Anora
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Age: 10
Gender: Male
Species: Equus
Tribal Rank: Shepherd
Spiritual (magic) Rank: Conceiver
Biped Syndrome: Y
Stones ❂: 150.00
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All Abilities can only occur when Cif mentally achieves 'Still space/ Zen'.
  • Western Wind :: Conciever : Zephyrs often warm and scented with wet grass. Use is focused and short-lived, oft for shifting objects for his ease. Can knock others off balance during measures of offense.
  • Southern Wind :: Liasion : Spiced with apples and fallen leaves, gales are of a more resourceful strength...
  • Eastern Wind :: Transmutist : Cherry blossoms...Mind is capable of merging two Winds together during moments of offense....
  • Northern Wind :: Alumnus : Hoarfrost and juniper, the frigid ache of summit winds. Capable of merging three winds together, minor whirlwinds .........
  • Unreveled Ability
  • There's a thing here, but not sure what :: maybe I'll find it in a thread.

  • Misc. Stats
  • Sun Sign :: Cancer
  • Moon Sign :: Leo
  • Stone :: Ruby
  • Scent :: Ozone and rain
  • Great Vices :: Pride, Lust
  • Great Virtues :: Justice, Charity
  • Alignment :: Nuetral Order
  • Title :: Dark Shepherd

  • Audio Connection

  • Miracle :: Blackmill
  • Icarus :: Mementos
  • Saladin :: Hybrid (KoH)
  • The Sound of Silence :: Disturbed
  • Dissolving Time :: HUVA Network

  • Appearance
    Jungle :: Latviiskaya Draft Chistled beast of sixteen and a half hands, Cif'thar is bound in a tantalizing mingle of chocolate black. A well pronounced face measures his expressive carribean eyes, small angular ears perked on the crown of his head. His mane and tail are jungle soil, oft in lengthy disarray, promoting an aura of visual mystery to his intimidating physique. Broad shoulders, a deep barrell chest, high withers, and sculpted haunches carve his physique into a statue of primordial triumph. His energy is quiet,and that sense of peace is found in the relaxed stance he upholds. His expressions never seem to be measured with lines of worry or concern, and any nerves found in the stallion are shown only through the inconsistent flicks of his dark tail, or minor shifts of weight upon his steel hued hooves. At a distance, his appearance is daunting, yet when one finds themselves in closer proximity, general uneasiness has a tendency to transform into sensations of protection and relaxing awareness.

    Thebes :: Nitin Chauhan A man of silohette and stature. He stands six three, with sleek proportion. Broad shoulders define his shadow. Strong hips root his stance in natural domination. Willow limbs provide a softening illusion that mask the endurance in his muscles. ........COMING

    Zen :: They call it a Terrible Calm. A sense of peace that unlocks potency. They consider this a symbol of godliness. Uphold it's foundation, invest in the growth until the Stillness comes to him upon command, and with it the grace of his capabilities. A mindset Cif has trained in since he was able to comprehend speech, the stallion was taught the art of meditation and zen. To silence the mind, still one's soul, and from this mental loft, access the wells of inner power. Cif excelled in this training due to his preexisting disposition. Naturally calm and blessed with a well of patience, the Shamans of Salaghn taught him to embrace these strengths and expound upon them, so they could likewise be used to temper his flaws and allow him to possess the full potential of his natural capabilities.

    Guardian :: He is not without flaws and complexes. Borne a protector, this sense of heroism can borderline between aggressive obsession and bouts of personally exercised solitary confinement. He, like the other colts, were bred solely to be Shepherds of the herd, protectors for the mare shamans that ruled the tundra. Such a duty is taken with full seriousness and embraced with whole hearted fervor. He is an aggressor to danger, a stern reinforcement to Salaghn law, and may feel measures of personal offense should the mares look to provide their own aid without seeking his assistance.

    Gale :: Due to his solitary nature, there are many areas of Cif that are less refined than expected. A wild stallion at heart, he enjoys his endless wandering, his cycles of exploration and protection, the trials and tribulations found for a stallion wandering without the evident protection of a herd. He speaks few words, often misleading others into believing a measure of untamed mannerisms bind him. His fury is thunder and leaves one breathless, his calm is frightening and leaves one cold, his assessing eyes are intelligent and leaves one questioning the mysteries behind them.


    The Solitary Stallion :: Drove he off the other colts, yet it was the measure of his kindness and dedication that cast them away. Or perhaps it was the cusping thunderstorm bearing always upon his shoulders, so his gaze cast dark and assessing in all situations. Pride maintained composure throughout the discourse of his life, and ultimately his favor amongst the Elders of Salaghn saw to his ultimate success amongst them. One by one the others wandered off, seeking to break their ties with shaman mares, seeking to find their fates and fortunes outside of the tundra. Until only Cif'thar remained, content with his destiny, bound to the shaman's with devotion and duty.

    The Dark Shepherd :: A title to be earned, a position to be maintained. The Dark Shepherds of Salaghn are the only horses allowed to wander beyond tundra borders. They are protectors, and likewise used as sentinels, scouts, and envoys, mapping the areas around the tundra, finding and assisting misguided equus, and informing the Elders of any shifts in other herds or kingdoms. By age old tradition, the title has always been maintained by a stallion and is rarely questioned throughout the herd. Throughout the years the numbers of stallions remaining to maintain the position has dwindled. At the current, there is only Cif'thar to uphold a title, and no colts have been born within the trundra and remained long enough for Cif to train them in the art. At the current, he has followed Halavine Tort to Eshteth, instructed to permit the mare to return to her home, once banished a decade before.

    The Master of Wind :: The personal focus for the wandering stallion, as he journies across Eshteth, he seeks to refine and heighten his skills.

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