Tîr galikh n'ala kîlîn, ra hu galad abkhu’ khama.
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Age: IX
Gender: Female
Species: Canis Lupus
Tribal Rank: Vagrant Priestess
Spiritual (magic) Rank: Conceiver
Biped Syndrome: Yes
Stones ❂: 162.00
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Motherland: Labam’abbad
Bloodline: Asalun Demmâr, "Descent of Demmâr."
Brithright: Lugun 'amdel, "Mother of All Mothers"
Precious Mineral: Nûlukh'aban, "Moonstone"
Scent: Petrichor & Peonies

Never un-adorned, modest regalia encircle slender ankles, a three piece trinket completed with the adornment of a circular pendent hanging from her nostrils.

Jackal: tba
Royal Phoenix: tba
Marcellus: tba
Astra: tba
Juryoku: tba
Virsisé: tba

Lament of Wisdom: Words
Song of Nature: Words
Poem of Loyalty: Words
Song of Light: Words
Command of the Psyche: Words

manifestion of the canis

The matrimony of beauty and the sweet kiss of deceit woven in silken strands of eggshell delicately draped across a physique of grace and sovereignty. Reverential scrutiny incandesces through fuchsia eye gasconading foresight unrivaled. Delicate snout houses pearly carnassials interwoven in stark contrast to the onyx flesh it is embedded in, laced with translucent venom vernacular dripping deceit upon the souls of the damned. Atop the apex sits ears like sentinels tufted in silken tufts that flutter with each twitch.

Silken pelt cascades like thunderous waterfall wrapped around delicate isthmus abridged from shoulder to rump in eggshell taffeta coat, supple beneath rapacious caress. Finely carved physique boasting bosom and cupped feminine pelvis fine morphed between sturdy appendages, delicately willowed limbs concluded with puny paws. Her tail flows as gentle taffeta locks ripplings with supple movement with the slightest tip trailing dampened foliage always.

manifestion of the biped

Refined poise exemplified through a pasty vessel. Humanoid physique all encompassed beneath a diminutive height and gaunt limbs. She is a naked canvas of pale grace fitted with coiffure of the purest white accompanied by fluttering eyelashes of glittering snow and luscious fuchsia lips that compete with the vermillion glitter of scrutinizing eyes.

the surface lies

My façade is daubed with pure intentions, a subdued kindred to exhume only wisdom and pretense of certainty that sniveling lips will confide willingly, unwittingly, their conundrum articulation to be sealed behind oaths of reticence. I'm flattered by their faith. Kindred nature seeks only the upliftment of all, where tenderness and yearning align with the prideful mythos of aegis to be nurtured. A vessel bred to bear the burden of knowledge, power, care, exhumes only what one desires to caress gentle articulation against their soft ear. Chastity lips voice concern immaculate, her forthright understanding visible, easy to manipulate. Child-like naiveté, so easily admired. So easy to probe.

beneath innocence

Deceit is filth that grows only when pain and hardship are cast upon the delicate bodice of mortality. Knurlnien relies on innocent garb to achieve manipulative feats. Cast forth from innocence by the forceful understanding of expectation, a future unwanted but forced to live. Devious is she, keeping a sound body, mind against others by never confessing her true nature but discerns even the least perceptible hint with an observant eye, ear, and calculating mind. A youthful wisdom aids in such endeavors, a vessel of innocence not to be undermined.

the founding of ered nimrais
Deftly named for the stark beauty adrift within the night sky that divulges its reflection upon the whitest snow. Ered Nimrais, gleaming luster standing sentinel amid the homeland of the Demmâr and their delegates. The discovery of this pinnacle of power had not been happenstance as the people's of the Demmâr had been fleeing from a stronghold many leagues away to be liberated of torture and plight so harshly conducted that eons later it still haunted the psyche of souls yet living.

Contrary to popular belief, the Demmâr were not the most 'supreme' beings to tread the blessed soil they so dearly worshiped, their predecessors were akin to the gods they stood beside. Tall and undoubtedly as beautiful as their immortal kin, only five mortal beings stood with power comparable to their gods; each focusing on a specific discipline in the form of entrancing psalms that came to be known as "Id-agarâf Lugn." These disciples, having been unnamed for epoch’s were now revered for their canticle's of power that was soon passed down to their children, now named in accordance with their power.

  • Demmâr:
    • Arrogant but just, an ego fueled with power but still delighted in his love for all things. Demmâr had been a bashful creature and was later known as Amral after displaying the love for his children openly by providing them with a new sanctuary. Demmâr held command over the living psyche. Later, before the rise of Zananâl, Demmâr had been elected by the gods to exercise and reign over the remaining four disciplines created by his younger siblings.
  • Lukhdel:
    • So named for her beauty and aspiration to become one with purity and light, that which she commanded fervently. Later she became known as Zananâl due to her exploits pertaining to her brother's children, having discarded her previous discipline for the discipline of darkness.
  • Idnikh:
    • More formally known as "mother nature" to the westernized mortals. Idnikh fled to solitude and abandoned her children after the rise of Zananál, but still holds dominion over her discipline of all earthen elements. Both she and Demmâr had been mated, spawning children of psyche and fauna to reign over their asylum, after her cowardice, each child adopted Demmâr as their sole parent, and so the line of Idnikh perished.
  • Amnâs:
    • Second brother, loving sibling, his song was the song of loyalty, but it was loyalty that had caused Amnâs and his children to perish at the hand of Zananâl and her subjects.
  • Abhâr:
    • The final brother birthed the lament of wisdom, and through his desire to learn all things, wisdom left him due to blinding greed. Abhâr now wanders the wasteland of their original homeland, prisoner to Zananâl, his holy line perished.

What, then, had been the cause for the children of Demmâr to flee beside the peoples that his siblings had birthed. Why had Idnikh fled to the East when she had known her lover would protect and provide. A painless observation would be the arrival of the Dushâ Psalms. Darkness was a loathed practice forsaken by the Five at the command of their predecessors, except for a solitary individual known as the ever pleasing maiden of luminous delight and how the irony seemed to follow the generations to burst forth from the horrendous war.

"I was born under the stars atop the mountain peak of Ered Nemrias where beauty was beheld only with the gentle swoon of a mother, as I suckled on her breast.

My purpose in youth was simple, train under the holy mother that precedes me, speak wisdom unto the people, remain pure above all else. Their beliefs held fast, and I was to be impregnated under the sky I was born to by the king of kings. A daughter of Demmâr, a mother of all mothers.

I encountered Essence before my leaving, and walked with her - to me Essence was a divine mother - and she spoke. Oh how her words of wisdom encroached upon my fearful mind. She spoke of Eshteth as it was now, as it were then in a dream within a dream under the violet night of winter's birth. And I awoke, I fled, and here I am. A child of Demmâr no more. A vagrant of Essence, born anew, seeking her scriptures, and the divine purpose she has for me."

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