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Waking, lilting, and waking again...
Eshteth awaits. She opens her arms wide - one last time - to embrace the world's fallen. The outcast and downtrodden; the heroic and royal; the cunning and cruel; the dreaming or heartbroken. They all come to her eventually. But do any of them truly know why they've come? There's something in the air of the place that clouds the mind and alters the sight. For those who come to Eshteth, the world will never be the same.
Year I, Limu : The Dry Season
In Character News
October 23, 2017 - As the season of Limu comes to it's close, and nights begin to whisper of wetlands and rains, the Festival celebrating the rise of the Wet Season and the graces of cultural union reaches it's apex in the arisen Forest of Narlacera. Festival of Pyre

July 18, 2017 - A mighty, gorging mouth opens at the heart of Eshteth, a mouth unseen midst the divine glare of blinding, unyielding brilliance. The land is enriched, and everything is in bloom, for all are free to feed upon the influx of magic during the precious seasonal Solstice of Pyre...Site Wide Plot

July 12 2017 - "So many have heeded our neutral call, a binding hunger settling in their stomachs as they instinctively know what sanctity it is to set foot upon this good land. We are becoming deliriously pleased. Expect more impromptu visits, for we are ever, ever so curious."

June 3 2017 - "We feel your energies, pungent with life's splendors and ambitious desires.  You crawl across Us, and begin to interact with the elements We have granted you.  But We are vexed, for you have yet to delve into the meat of Our abundance.  Engage."

April 10 2017 - "What strange, hearty influx of souls we have as of late..."

April 3 2017 - What strange stirrings and winnowing fuss and effervesce as the beginnings of intelligent culture and society once again begin to thrive within the isolated confines of Eshteth. Several individuals have already heeded the isle's call, swimming with all their physical and mental will alone to reach it. Exhausted, but invigorated, the stories of many have already begun to flourish. Will you join them?

Feb 17 2017 - The land stirs with life and the trembling beginnings of new, fresh creation. More creatures than ever before have begun migrating to Eshteth, attracted to and coaxed by its ceaseless, subliminal power. Essence looks in in dead eyed satisfaction; they have spent far too long within isolation.

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Out of Character News
January 18, 2018 - The forum is undergoing a clean up of old threads. Since some of you have expressed interest in finishing some threads, there will be a two week window for posting before any threads that have gone two months without a reply will be archived.

December 2, 2017 - Sometimes we prefer more trivial things, please join us while we share during the season of giving with our Secret Santa Sign-Ups!

October 23, 2017 - Welcome to the final days of Limu. All members are encouraged to join in the festivities at the Forest for a chance to explore magickal outlets, increase their skills, meet other characters, as well as encounter the elusive ESSENCE, who has begun to prod the Isle of Eshteth as visitors continue to gather.

August 5, 2017 - We are holding our first ever Activity Check

July 18, 2017 - Our new Site Wide Plot has begun!

July 12 2017 - The canine species cap has been lifted and people are now free to register canine characters. We are also having another round of staff auditions. We welcome all members old and new to continue to enjoy this world that unfolds!

June 9 2017 - Sign up for an Equine character and receive an extra 70 stones and a free shop item of your choice!

June 3 2017 - We have concluded that Xalypsis will be without a required Word Count.  We will keep monitoring threads for quality, grammar, and development; and are certain you all will continue to impress us, as you have this past month.

May 12 2017 - Due to the large influx of Canis joining Xalypsis, the staff have concluded to put a cap on the creation of Canis until further notice. Please consider creating an Equine instead.

May 1 2017 - During the month of May we are experimentally suspending the word count. From now on your post may be of any length, but staff will be monitoring quality very closely. We are hoping to implement this change permanantly if it gleans good results so we are hoping it will not be abused. Thank you!

April 25 2017 - To celebrate our big official opening this April, we're having a Skin & Advertising Contest!

April 10 2017 - WE ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN. Please stay on the look out for a huge member welcoming event that you're sure to love and your characters even moreso!

April 3 2017 - With Xalypsis' grand opening just on the horizon, we politely implore all who can to give their feedback in this thread: Beta Test Feedback. This place is literally 99% finished. If anyone also has ideas for how we should go about the grand opening while keeping our IC values at the core please go ahead and post them in the Beta Test thread as well. To everyone old and new, welcome, and enjoy!

Mar 23 2017 - We are in great need of beta testing feedback at this time. Please reply to this thread and let us know your thoughts! Beta Test Feedback


  • 50 Topics, 268 Replies
    Xalypsis Tumblr Page?   by Quarion, 01-18-2018, 11:14 PM
    This is the general Xalypsis discussion board. All members may mingle here, talk about their days or whatever's happening in their lives. Play games, share music, pictures, whatever you enjoy. Absence notices may be posted here as well. Treat all with respect.
  • 8 Topics, 60 Replies
    The Canvases
    Peeze.   by Chickadee, 01-18-2018, 07:56 AM
    Here is where all artwork may be showcased. Do art trades, create adoptables, or make a studio people can order from. Site currency is not yet available, so nothing can yet be done for virtual points. By all means however, show off your talents with color and shape.
  • 21 Topics, 111 Replies
    The Enscribed
    wretched monsters & crook...   by Chickadee, 01-18-2018, 08:22 AM
    This board is for post logs, journals, post templates, and game progress logs. We highly recommend that members keep track of their adventures on Xalypsis. A single thread with journals and post progress logs at the very top with post templates added after helps greatly with organization.
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    The password protected board wherein our advertisement and affiliate section is. The password is "Stopthepresses" with proper sentence capitalization.

  • 6 Topics, 43 Replies
    Solaris Shores
    T'was but another fable   by Aesop, 12-24-2017, 03:39 AM
    A slender land bridge connects the Isle of Eshteth to the mainland, but with temperamental seas afoot the only certain entrance to the island is by swimming. Surrounding the small but diverse land mass are the Solaris Shores, whose sands are pale to pristine, and skies and oceanic swells pulse with a near ceaseless swirl of infinite color.
  • 3 Topics, 26 Replies
    The Untamed
    Izgilnurt   by Knurlnien, 01-16-2018, 11:31 AM
    Eshteth is not vast, but instead deliciously assorted in ecosystems to fit any mortal's particular taste. It is in these grounds that a treaty perpetuates, a land free of ruler, where those who whichever background and bloodline may either dine together in secrecy and the spirit of companionship. Or commence a battle to the death without tribal interference.
  • 5 Topics, 15 Replies
    Corridor of Cells   by Cif'thar, 09-15-2017, 09:09 PM
    The epitome of a rising civilization, wherein the Equus have spawned their brain children, their primitive way of life yielding to the creation of structure, of ability, of tactics and raw, conniving opulence. Through crystalline eyes this land is but the gem of gods, though with sapience came their budding yet ever present curse of greed.
  • 7 Topics, 64 Replies
    Turbulence : Ysabeaux   by Jackal, 02-19-2018, 08:49 PM
    A savage, vivacious emerald expanse dappled in mature oaks and jutting, naked stone. Spider webbing creeks merge into shallow rivers along steppes of sweet-grass fields. Abundant with natural structures and ecological diversity, tribes of the cunning Lupus thrive. Beasts of lineage, they mask brilliance with bloodlust and coax respect borne of fear.
  • 1 Topics, 4 Replies
    The Threshold
    in the presence of glory....   by Essence, 06-20-2017, 07:23 PM
    To tread these grounds assigns ambitious intent, for this strange labyrinthine path forged of phantasmal wonder and unsettling mystery is the tremulous, and required route in attaining any chance to speak face to face with the great astral deity and all it's inconceivable glory. What horrors await, what painful wisdom; Essence thrives to ensnare, and relishes enchantment.
  • 4 Topics, 37 Replies
    Forest of Nalacera
    Monolithic   by Knurlnien, 01-16-2018, 12:24 PM
    The mouth, and gorging womb of Eshteth, Nalacera was once a sacred and public ground upon which all individuals on the island gathered to give praise, worship, and prayer unto Essence. A place of congregation, it is said that every Solstice of Pyre a great, flamboyant energy is released from this particular region and ceremonially flows into all creatures receptive to its power.

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